Japanese 夜烏
Gender Male
Age 600+
Species Yokai
Occupation Servant of Akura-Ou
Manga Chapter 051
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiro Shimono
English Christopher Guerrero

Yatori (夜烏) is the loyal servant of Akura-Ou (now Kirihito) and previously worked for him. During that time, he was known as 'furball'.

Appearance Edit

In the past when he was known as 'Furball', he was, as his name implied, resembles the shape of a ball and was covered in fur except where his face was. He had large almond-shaped eyes with spirally pupils and a small nose in between. His only garment was the tall hat on his head.

After consuming Suke's body, Yatori now wears a big lion's-mane like headdress with a red monster's face in the middle. He has slanted eyes with a the same spirally ripple-like pattern. He wears a cheetah-skin patterned kimono with two bear-like paws on either his shoulder.

Personality Edit

Yatori is a sadistic cruel demon. In the past, when he was a furball, he seemed quiet and timid and easily intimidated, especially by those larger and more powerful than him. Because he was bullied and abused for being considered ugly and smelly, he developed a severe complex about his appearance. This came to a head when Kirakaburi abused and insulted him. As Kirakaburi lay dying and told Yatori to get help while insulting him, he decided to eat him and enjoyed the feeling of superiority and power he gained. He developed a power-hungry attitude. He is currently very cheerful talkative playful and easygoing along with being the type to appear out of nowhere and annoying others with his antics. He is loyal to Akura-oh even as Akura-oh uses him and cares little for his wellbeing and hates others such as Kikuchi being closer to him or the idea of him changing, especially due to the influence of Nanami whom he seeks to destroy at all costs. He is sadistic and enjoys manipulating others using cheap tactics, but his tricks don't work on those who see through him or have strong wills such as Nanami. He seems ot be gluttonous, as he is usually shown eating. he values strength above all else and feels that those who are kind die first because they are weak. Despite this, he is shown to be a coward towards those more powerful than him as shown when he reveals his true identity to Akura-oh as the other option was to lose his hand.

History Edit

Yatori was previously known as 'furball' and worked for Akura-ou after the said man killed his original master in a game of siege. He was constantly ignored and ridiculed for his looks and stench. His tolerance for it soon reached it's peak when he was partnered with Kirakaburi.

When his accomplice became gravely injured by Tomoe's sword, he gorged on him. Due to this, his size and strength grew considerably. He soon finds out a human, namely Suke, was watching him and makes him beg for his life. He relished this feeling of superiority.

Afterward, he aimed to get Akura-ou's recognition and protected him from human intruders by eating them. However, he was rejected again due to his appearances. Desperate to please him, he goes to Suke and makes him eat him. He gains control over the body and afterward assumed the name 'Yatori'.

Plot Overview Edit

Already as Yatori, he served falsely under Jirou, manipulating him as to gain control of the Kurama Mountain to prove his worth the Akura-Ou. He kept Third Chief Soujoubou's soul within the Raijiuyuu so Jirou would have the power to rule. However, his plan failed and he returned to Kirihito.

He accompanied Akura-Ou on his second trip to Yomi-no-Kuni, where they discovered Akura-Ou's body atop a mountain of flames, upon realising they could not climb it he pursuaded a reluctant Akura-Ou to return to the surface until they could formulate a successful plan.  

Relationships Edit


Yatori admires Akura-Ou. He has very high regards and is very loyal to him. He states that the world under Master Akura-oh is his ideal world and his wish is to become Akura-ou's number one, a wish that is declined much to his dismay. Despite Akura-ou's attempt to kill him by taking him to the Yomi-no-kun under the assumption that Yatori would turn to dust Yatori claims that the only thing he couldn't forgive Akura-ou for would be if he changed.

Akura-ou does not recognise Yatori as his past self largely due to his new appearance. Yatori does not reveal his past identity or the fact that he is aware that Kirhito is actually Akura-ou in human form until later in the series when his other option was to lose a hand.

Nanami Edit

Yatori first met Nanami on Kurama mountain where she defeated him with a barrier against evil, despite this he survived and has wanted to kill her since. He becomes concerned throughout the series of Nanami's influence on Akura-ou and begins to fear she may change him. In Chapter 120 he suggests they kidnap Nanami to have Tomoe put out the hellfire engulfing his body, Akura-ou angrily refuses ordering him not to lay a hand on her. Yatori then asks if Akura-ou has feelings for Nanami, a question which Akura-ou dodges saying Yatori speaks too annoyingly.

Kikuichi Edit

Yatori detests Kikuichi seeing him as competition for Akura-ou's approval. He frequently calls him names such as trash and unreliable. He is jealous of the more positive relationship Akura-ou has with Kikuichi and is always trying to one up him.