I haven't yet introduced myself porperly to you so here we go. ;D

Okay let's see... I'm currently studying in middle school in a country called Finland. You haven't probably heard about it because lot of people doesn't know that it is in North Europe between Russia and Sweden. It's cold here, but it's my home afterall and I like it here.

Well, my mother tongue is Finnish, so I'm not so good at English. Please forgive me. >.< I also speak Russian and Swedish, but my Russian is better because I have studied it since the first grade and I startd studying Swedish only a half of a year ago. I want to learn Japanese as well, but I don't think that I can manage that many languages at the same time beacuse I'm thinking to take French as well. 

I love cats. <3 They have always been my favorite animals in the whole universe. I have two cats; small gray and a big white one. If u wanna talk 'bout cats u can always come to me. ;D

My dreams aren't that big, but I dream someday moving aboard. Even though I like Finland there are nothing special in here. I'm currently thinking about moving in America or Japan but I'm still young and I have so many years to change my mind until then. :D

You can always ask me any questions or talk to me if something is on your mind. :3 I try my best to be helpful. ;D  

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