Hi everyone ^^

   I'm a newbie here in wikia. so i guess i should introduce my self..

I'm Aria.. :) you can call me.......wait for it........ wait a little more........ finally...... ARIA!! <3 ..[surprise!!] :P .. anyway if you find that long.. just call me "R" as in R ... 

    so yeah, basically, i know i'm being too corny above.. gumenasai! as you can see i'm really bad with intros.. and this will only be my second time writing about myself [i just did the first one a few days ago] so please just bear with me .. 

so this is where i begin my ...... 

~i admit..i'm a complete newbie here.. i don't know much abt this place, i just discovered this recently, and i instinctively want to help and contribute here since i really do love Kamisama Hajimemashita :D

hobbies are: ..  instead of doing facebook and watching TV..i prefer to:

watch anime, read mangas, watch anime again, write reviews about animes, read news abt animes and mangas, and when i get tired, i'll kill some time in anime/manga forums and thread or just sleep.. this might sound pathethic, but that's me ^^ i don't care being like this as long as i enjoy my craft ...obviously i just love everything abt animes and mangas.. I'm an anime otaku, not the typcal one i guess..but definitely yes.. if i'm not what am I?

other random things about me: [edited from the first intro i did ^^]

~ i love Tomoe <3

~ my age doesn't match my thinking.. [ can you guess how old i am?]

~ i love to cook and dance at the same time :))) [just kidding, but i realy love doing both, but not at the same time ofc ^^] ~ and a lot more ^^

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