It would not be an exaggeration to say that Tomoe's unbound abilities elevate him very nearly to a god himself, and a short-tempered one at that. His powers, charm and good looks make him highly desirable as a shinshi among the many envious gods of he and Nanami's acquaintance, and a source of terror to other yokai.


Tomoe as a familar

In his early days as a wild fox, Tomoe was known for his ability to control vast oceans of foxfire, a supernatural inferno capable of quickly reducing his enemies to piles of ash. He can also use his foxfire to fly through the air, locate persons or objects or simply light the way home. He is a formidable swordsman and can change his appearance and that of others with the aid of enchanted leaves. He has exceptional hearing, strength, dexterity and a dependable "sixth sense". His fingers and toes are tipped with razor sharp claws, and he is not above using them should the need arise. Perhaps most deadly of all, however, he is highly intelligent, sly, courageous, clever and resourceful.

Nor can it be denied that Tomoe can be a hard worker when he sets his mind to it. Though he certainly enjoys his leisure time, he takes very seriously his duties as a shinshi of Mikage shrine, and is meticulous in ensuring that everything is kept clean and in good repair on a daily basis. He also protects and cares for Nanami, handling all the cooking, cleaning and laundry while she is at school or practicing her divine powers. Though he himself does not need to eat, he threw himself into the perfection of his culinary skills with very positive results. This too has become a weapon in the clever fox's arsenal, as he will passive-aggressively insert shitaki mushrooms into Nanami's food when she has irritated him in some way, or threaten to cook an enemy or turn them into sashimi.

Kitsunebi (Fox-fire)

Tomoe is able to control enchanted blue flames called kitsunebi, allowing to to burn anything around him at will. In the anime it is shown that the kitsunebi have short-life spans, dissipating once their job is done, as well as being able to talk and have their own personalities.

Tomoe used this ability many times, such as when he was trying to burn up Yonomori shrine and when he he is fighting.

Tomoe's Kitsunebi

Tomoe's Kitsunebi (Fox-fire)


He uses enchanted leaves to transform himself or someone into something else. He transformed Kurama into an ostrich while he turned Himemiko’s servant into a fish, threatening his enemies to cook them. He was also able to transform in Nanami and substitute for her when she was sick and couldn't go to school. Another time this technique was used was when he was mortally wounded by the God of War 500 years ago in the past, transforming himself into a child in an attempt to deceive people into thinking he was a human not a yokai.

Tomoe using enchanted leaf spell

Tomoe using one of his enchanted leaves to transform Kurama into an ostrich after he tried to go after Nanami.