The God Makes Her Second Romantic Confession is the 5th episode of Season 2 and overall the 18th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.


Nanami is back at the Palace of the Gods where it is the 4th day of the Gathering of the Gods festival at Izumo. Tomoe has been imprisoned by Okuninushi for returning to his Yokai form. Ignoring Okuninushi's orders, Nanami rushes over to the prison where Tomoe is in chains. Rather than be rescued by Nanami, Tomoe tells her he will decide if he will return to her service as her familiar.

Nanami accepts this and makes a deal with another god for peach pills as a parting gift, delivered by Mizuki. Tomoe asks Mizuki if his feelings for Nanami are a result of the magic binding him as a familiar, but Mizuki explains it's because Tomoe has romantic feelings for Nanami. Tomoe tests this premise and learns it's true, but this only irritates him and as such, he does not tell Nanami.

Tomoe is forgiven by Okuninushi after becoming Nanami's familiar again, and Nanami helps the other gods with their duties, and finally getting a chance to talk to Mikage again. Nanami asks Mikage why she was put together with Tomoe, and Mikage explains he wants to rekindle Tomoe's concern for humanity through his interactions with Nanami.

Major Events

  • Tomoe finally realizes he has fallen in love with Nanami, but does not tell her.
  • Tomoe becomes Nanami's familiar again.
  • Nanami meets Mikage again and learns the reason why he left Tomoe and the shrine.


Adapted Chapters


  • Nanami and Tomoe share their fourth kiss together.
  • Tomoe kisses Nanami in her sleep.
  • When Tomoe kissed Nanami when she was asleep, it is similar as to when Mizuki kissed Nanami in The God Goes To The Dragon King's Palace. It also seems that Nanami was aware of the kiss the next morning when she told Tomoe about a dream she had when he kissed her when she was asleep, unlike Mizuki however Nanami enjoyed the kiss.
  • There's a scene where Tomoe drinks sake intended for Nanami. The other gods appear shocked, possibly because Tomoe is a familiar and not a god - or simply an extension of them calling him a "demon fox".