The God Goes to a Hot Spring is the 2nd OVA of Season 1 of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



Nanami and Tomoe take a day trip to a hot spring. Before they leave, Nanami overhears Mizuki and Tomoe discussing how she may be too dependent on Tomoe. Nanami takes the trip as an opportunity to prove her indepence to Tomoe. She does this by performing various tasks without asking for Tomoe's assistance as she usually would. When Nanami and Tomoe arrive at the hotel, they encounter Himemiko and Kotaro. They came to the hot spring to touch the Koiiwa Rock, a special stone that promises that couples who touch it remain together forever. All four of them make the long hike to the Koiiwa Rock, Nanami especially struggling to cross the rough terrain. She repeatedly refuses Tomoe's assistance. In stark contrast, Himemiko and Kotaro help one another over the difficult area. When they are faced with the final hurdle to reach the Koiiwa Rock, Tomoe decides he has had enough and assures Nanami that it is okay for her to ask for help. Otherwise, what purpose would he serve? Once they touch the special rock, (which Tomoe is not impressed by), the group returns to the hot springs for a relaxing evening.

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