English Title The God Gets Dumped
Air Date August 20, 2013
Opening Theme Kamisama Hajimemashita
Closing Theme Kamisama Onegai
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13 (Season 1) OVA 2
 The God Gets Dumped is the 1st OVA of Season 1.


Nanami overhears Tanuko and Tomoe talking. Tanuko hands over a box. Tomoe answers "I guess i don't need Nanami any more." That's why after the conversation Nanami's depressed. She doesn't eat, looks sad.

Mizuki opens the closet looking for his sake. When he finds a box Tomoe says that it's nothing important. After that, Kurama visits the shrine bringing some crabs. Together they eat.

The guys are fighting over sake. Nanami makes a little competition out of it and asks who can drink the most sake. They all accept. She then grabs her chance and is searching for the box.

She found the box in the kitchen and opens it. Inside there are two pears. Then Tanuko appears and tells Nanami that she may not eat them. When Nanami asks why she remembers telling Tomoe that she wants something sweet. Like a pear tart. Then Tanuko says that he would be to embarressed if he would not be able to make a pear tart. Nanami's relieved that it was not that she wasn't needed.

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