Japanese 翆郎
Gender Male
Age 500+
Species Tengu Yokai
Birthday October 7
Home Kurama Mountain
Manga Chapter 051
Voice Actor
Japanese Hirakawa Daisuke
English Justin Pate

Suirou (翆郎) is one of the tengu living on Kurama Mountain. He is much loved within his clan for his kind heart and sweet, loving nature. When young Kurama was being abused by Jirou, Suirou protected and cared for the younger tengu, taking on the role of a beloved older brother.

Appearance Edit

Suirou is a rather handsome man (but what powerful youkai isn't?) that has long silver hair going to the small of his back, a rather pale complexion, and his eyes are a hypnotic violet colour surrounded by white eyelashes. He typically wears tradional Japanese clothing of someone of higher class.

Personality Edit


Suirou greeting Kurama

Suirou has a rather eccentric personality. He speaks in a calm, logical manner and shows affection with soft rubs from cheek-to-cheek, as he did with Kurama. He had never met another girl in his life and therefore refused to look at one, such as Nanami.

The tengu of the mountain consider him very beautiful, even more beautiful than Nanami. He always accepts these compliments with smiles.

History Edit

He was very good at playing the flute and a very important figure for young Kurama Shinjirou. He was always there for Kurama to turn to when he was feeling down from being struck and insulted by Jirou because he could not fly.

Jirou soon got sick of this and thought that the only reason Kurama could not fly was because Suirou was constantly coddling him. Jirou brought Kurama to a deep crevice where the Raijiuyuu slept. The only way Kurama could get out was if he were to fly otherwise he was to be eaten by the Raijiuyuu.

When Suirou got word, he immediately flew into the Raijiuyuu's cave, in order to save Kurama, but was unfortunately struck by lighting and lost his ability to fly in the anime but in the manga, his wings were burned by jirou while he was awake. Kurama had little injuries and was able to escape.

Plot Overview Edit

Many years later he helped a young tengu named Botanmaru who also could not fly. He looked up to Kurama. Suirou lent Botanmaru crows to help him reach the lower lands and find him.


Meeting with Suirou

While Kurama was on his way to meet him to help Soujoubou heal with Nanami's peach elixirs, thanks to the insistence of Botanmaru. He got lost in the miasma and encountered Suirou, who had disheveled hair and was breathing out gases. Spitefulness was stamped on his face and he wished to kill Kurama to lessen the burden in his heart. But Kurama heard a flute playing in the distance and knew this was not the real Suirou and killed fake Suirou. This got him back on the track together with Tomoe, Nanami and Botanmaru.

When he met again with the real Suirou after 16 years, he bowed and said 'sorry', surprising Nanami for Kurama to show such great courtesy to anybody. Suirou responded by hugging him and rubbing his cheek to Kurama's forehead.

Suirou refused to look at girls, Nanami included. He reasoned that it was because of his many years of living by his compounds customs, and so hesitated due to not knowing how to treat one.

Relationships Edit

Kurama ShinjirouEdit

Since very young, when Kurama was about six years-old, while other children in the compound teased and harassed jim, Suirou was the one who save him. Even all that has occurred, Suirou still loves Kurama, enough to sacrifice his own life.

As a result to having lost his wings (Suirou), it's tale is as written: Seventeen years prior, Jirou "punished" Kurama for his late maturity (his ability to fly), and so was thrown in the thunder cavern; and in order to escape, he was expected to fly in hope to survive. However, trembling with fear unable to budge, Suirou sheilded Kurama from the blast of lightining. Consequently, he was hospitalized (bed-riddened) for quite some time as a result to his wings going up in flames. Even so, after many years he loved him, enough to sarifice himself and lose his wings.

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