Japanese さくらこ
Romaji Sakurako
Alias Tanuki Girls
Gender Female
Species Raccoon Dog Yokai
Occupation Geisha
Home Red Light District
Status Alive
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Narumi Sato
English Skyler McIntosh

Sakurako (さくらこ) is a Raccoon Dog Yokai that lives in the Red Light District and works there as a Geisha.

Appearance Edit

Sakurako likes to wear extravagant make-up and kimonos.

Personality Edit

Sakurako can be extremely friendly or seductive. She likes to joke around easily with customers and she also loves to gossip.

Plot OverviewEdit

Relationships Edit


Sakurako looks up to Mizutama and respect her. She calls Mizutama 'Sister Mizutama' and she thinks highly of her.

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