Princess Narukami
Japanese 鳴神姫
Romaji Narukami-hime
Gender Female
Species God
Occupation Lightning God
Home The Shrine in Heaven
Status Alive
Anime Episode 5
Manga Chapter 009
Voice Actor
Japanese Hyo-sei
English Lydia Mackay

Princess Narukami (鳴神姫) is the lighting god and her shrine is located in the sky.

Appearance Edit

Princess Narukamia has blue hair with violet tips at the end of her hair, she wears beautiful kimonos.

Personality Edit

She takes a sadistic delight in abusing her familiars and because she goes through new sets of them at an unheard of rate (32 sets of 2 so far), this has earned her the nickname "Lion-Dog Beating Narukami".

Plot Overview Edit

She stole Mikage's mark from Nanami and used Daikokuten's Lucky Mallet to shrink Tomoe to child size. She then went to the Mikage's Shrine and claimed it as her own as she now beared the mark; Kotetsu and Onikiri were forced to follow her because they had to serve the land god whether they wanted to or not.

However due to the lack of Tomoe's magic power to maintain the shrine, the shrine breaks down and she orders her lion-dogs to fetch Tomoe. She ends up returning to her shrine because after witnessing how far Tomoe would go to escape from her out of loyalty to Mikage and Nanami, she no longer wanted to have him as her familiar.

Before she left, one of her familiars gave the mark back to Nanami as well as the Lucky Mallet, the latter of which was later used to turn Tomoe back to normal again.

Quotes Edit

"I know why you came back here, Tomoe. As a monster you can't live on in the human world, but on the other hand, you can't go back to your former world with the monsters who have grudges against you in that body. In the end, you have no where to go except for this shrine." (To Tomoe)

"I will make a place for you to stay. Come on, become my familiar." (To Tomoe)

"That damned man... stealing Tomoe away from me... and then leaving him in the hands of this little girl (Nanami)... I won't forgive him!" (Referring to Mikage)

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