Japanese 大国主神
Gender Male
Species God
Occupation The God of Wealth
Home Izumo
Anime ◎ Episode 2
Manga Chapter 040
Voice Actor
Love Interest Kayako Hiiragi

Ookuninushi (大国主神) is the God of Wealth. He was first mentioned in Chapter 9 where he had lent Princess Narukami, the God of Lightning, his Lucky Mallet.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Ookuninushi is a famous god amongst the gods. He is very dramatic, flashy and overreacts but is rather charming. Because of his popularity, he has attracted the eye of many female gods, including Otohiko (who isn't actually female).

Ookuninushi also doesn't seem to care too much for feelings seeing that he had not even cared about Kayako's nor Otohiko's crush on him.

Plot Overview Edit

The Yearly God's Summit was held in his shrine. He appeared on the first day which, according to Ikusagami, was rather unusual. He was the one who arranged the test to go to the God's Summit between the two human gods Nanami and Kayako.

Nanami had won because it was her egg that had a shikigami and not Kayako's. Ookuninushi had invited her so she could guard Yomotsuhira, the Yomi-no-kuni's boundary. Nanami refused but later accepted only if Ookuninushi would visit Kayako and apologize to her.

Relationships Edit


The wind god is head over heels for him, although he doesn't seem to return the affection.

Princess NarukamiEdit

She is most probably a friend, seeing that he lent his lucky mallet to her.

Kayako HiiragiEdit

Kayako is the human god that he deceived to a competition in the hopes of making Nanami stronger before she went to the God Summit. After Nanami agreed to do what he asked, he agreed that he would meet with Kayako. However, after seeing her in a Human God Magazine, he develops feelings for her and plans to make a date to see her. Stating that he didn't choose to fall for her, it just happened. However, Nanami forgot to tell Kayako about it, and it's unknown if he got his date with her or not.


Queen of the Netherworld and Ookuninushi's grandmother.

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