Gender Female
Height 58 cm
Occupation Servant of Mikage Shrine
Home Mikage Shrine
Anime Episode 001
Manga Chapter 001
Voice Actor
Japanese Naoko Matsui
English Jad Saxton

Onikiri is a servant of Mikage Shrine known as the onibi-warashi (鬼火童子 Translation: Will-o'-the-Wisp Child). She serves Nanami with the help of Kotetsu.


She is normally a miniature shrine spirit with a girlish mask on that has closed eyes with medium-sized lips and girlish mask hair. Onikiri dons a plain, white kimono with fire-ish looking designs on the end sleeves and kimono. She also dons a brown-grayish bow on her kimono, and just like Kotetsu - she is barefooted. In Kamisama Kiss 2 Episode 4, it is shown that, with the power of Lucky Mallet, she grows significantly taller with all of her features including the kimono, bow, and mask. During her time as a grown shrine spirit (also in Kamisama Kiss 2 Episode 4), it is shown that her breasts have grown along with her body, stating that she is a female.


Plot OverviewEdit

Abilities Edit

Onikiri has a number of abilities:

  • She can fly.
  • She can turn into a ball of fire and teleport (though it is implied short range).
  • She is invisible to regular humans.