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Japanese 鬼切
Gender Female
Species Will-o-the-wisps
Height 58 cm
Occupation Servant of Mikage Shrine
Home Mikage Shrine
Anime Episode 001
Manga Chapter 001
Voice Actor
Japanese Natsuyo Atarashi
English Jād Saxton

Onikiri (鬼切) is a servant of Mikage Shrine known as the onibi-warashi (鬼火童子 Translation: Will-o'-the-Wisp Child). She serves Nanami with the help of Kotetsu


It is short and despite having lived many years, has the body of a child. Her sex is distinguished from Kotetsu by the features of the mask, which is painted red lips and white skin, and the feminine cut kimono and how they tie the obi, as seems to have a court Kotetsu thicker in a sleeve while those of Onikiri are thinner. The Onikiri wearing kimono is white and, at the edges of the sleeves and at the bottom, has an embroidered fire going from yellow to red tone. That same embroidery, also carries his partner Kotetsu.


Onikiri has a very joyous and happy personality. She is also very caring and worries about Tomoe and Nanami's well being.

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