Numano Himemiko



Japanese 沼皇女
Gender Female
Species Yokai
Height 133 cm (4'4")
Occupation Ruler of Tatara Numa
Home Tatara Numa
Anime Episode 3
Manga Chapter 004
Voice Actor
Japanese Yui Horie
English Monica Rial
Love Interest Kotarou Urashima (lover)
Child(s) Unnamed Child

Numano Himemiko (沼皇女) is the catfish princess of the Tatara Swamp in the manga series Kamisama Hajimemashita.

Appearance Edit

Human Himemiko

human Himemiko

Before Himemiko met Nanami she had a fish-like appearance. She had fins for hands, large circular pitch-black eyes, and tiny oval eyebrows.

When Himemiko tells Nanami of her love for a human boy, Nanami with the assistance of Tomoe's enchanted leaves, transformed her into a human like appearance.

In her human-like appearance, she looks to be around 13-14 years old, with purple hair tied up in half ponytail atop her head and light purple-blue eyes. She keeps her oval eyebrows, colored into the same shade as her hair.

Personality Edit

Himemiko is loving and caring towards her friends but can be very aggressive towards anyone who has hurt her friends or her lover, Kotarou. She is a bit cunning but can find happiness in the smallest of things and accepts things easily, like when Kotarou broke up with her, even though her heart ached with loneliness. She also has an odd habit of clacking her teeth together in reply or at random.

When she first met Nanami, she was very mature acting, however, in the later part, she has become more and more like a regular, slightly eccentric, teenage girl.

History Edit

Ten years ago she fell in love with a young boy, Urashima Kotarou and she asked Nanami to help her reconnect with the boy once again. As an act of gratitude, when Nanami had visited her palace, she allowed her to wear one of her luxurious kimonos so she would look her best in front of Tomoe.

Plot Overview Edit

Himemiko was first introduced when she asked Nanami to help her in her relationship with Kotarou Urashima. after Nanami agrees (much to Tomoe's dismay) and the date goes successfully, a lasting friendship bonds. Nanami later visits Himemiko's palace for the moon viewing part (in the Manga only). At the viewing party Himemiko notices Nanami's crush on Tomoe, and dresses Nanami up in one of her Kimono's in return for her kindness in helping her with Kotarou.

One year later, while Himemiko is on a date with Kotarou, Nishiki attacks the couple, and injures Kotarou. Himemiko becomes extremely angry and vows to fill the water with their bodies. After she confesses to Kotarou about her true identity as a god, he refuses to accept her because during the year they were together she never reveiled her true identity.

After this, Himemiko agrees to marry Nishiki and goes to Inunaki Swamp. After meeting Nishiki, Himemiko tries to hurt him but Nishiki stops her, Saying that her love for her human companion was so great that even after they were no longer together she still refused to reliquishh her human disguise.

After comforting Himemiko, she starts to think that he may be able to help her forget Kotarou and decides to marry him. but during the marriage ceremony Kotarou rushes in and tells Himemiko that he loves her and accepts her, and they escape. Himemiko has to use her yokai magic to escape and this makes her human disguise wear off. as her real yokai self appears, Kotarou laughs and then tells her that he likes her and he still knows its her.

Himemiko then appears at the shrine not so long after, asking Tomoe to transform her into a human again so she can go to Disneyland with Kotarou. Himemiko is also seen at the welcome back party for Nanami after she returns from the past due to her health.

Relationship Edit

Kotarou UrashimaEdit

Himemiko had fall in love with Kotarou when he was a young boy. After Himemiko and Kotarou had reconnect gone through a tough time, they become lovers.

Nanami MomozonoEdit

Himemiko and Nanami have stay friends since they meet, they even grow closer as friends. Himemiko thinks of Nanami as her precious friend, that she well protect her if somebody was to talk about her friend in a bad way.

Abilities Edit

Himemiko as a Yokai has special powers, but these are unknown. Himemiko is unable to use these or it will release her human disguise. She also has a great number Yokai under her command, due to being a princess, with Aotake as her bodyguard.

Quotes Edit

  • (To the Dragon King) "Watch your mouth, Dragon King. Nanami is my precious friend. I'll not allow you to speak ill of her."
  • (To Kotaru) "If I were not human...would you...still have liked me? Would Kota have liked me...even if I were an ayakashi?"

Trivia Edit

  • She is the first god mentioned as the leader of a fresh body of water. A swamp, but in the anime version they say it's a lake. 
  • In the anime they call her "Priestess" but in the manga they call her "Princess"