This article is about Kirihito before he was possessed. For Kirihito taken over by Akura-Ou, head to Kirihito (demon).

Mori Kirihito
Japanese 霧仁
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday February 3
Height 172 cm
Blood Type O
Status Deceased
Voice Actor
Japanese Suwabe Junichi
English Brandon Potter
Mother Mrs. Mori
Mori Kirihito is a young boy who was caught in an avalanche whilst snowboarding, and was buried under the snow. He died after several days of struggling to survive in hospital.

Appearance Edit


He was a cheerful, optimistic, and hopeful boy, even after his death. He also cared for his mother very much as he did not wish to leave without saying sorry for their fight just before he died.

He willingly let his body get possessed so he could say sorry to his mom, unaware that Akura-Ou would continue using his body as a vessal to live in the human world.

Plot Overview Edit

After his soul left his body he found himself in Yomi-no-Kuni, the underworld. He found Akura-Ou's soul and asked him to pass an "I'm sorry" message to his mother to relieve his regret for having had a trivial argument just before he died. Akura-Ou agreed to send him his message out of boredom and tiredness from being in the darkness.