Japanese 水玉
Romaji Mizutama
Alias Sister Mizutama

Tanuki Girls

Gender Female
Age 600+
Species Raccoon Dog Yokai
Occupation Geisha
Home Red Light District
Status Alive
Anime ◎ Episode 3
Voice Actor
Japanese Mitsuishi Kotono
English Kara Edwards

Mizutama (水玉) is a Raccoon Dog Yokai that lives in the Red Light District and works there as a Geisha.

Appearance Edit

Mizutama wears a blue polka-dot and white bow in her hair that she has been wearing since she was a little child. She has grow old and has wrinkles on her face.

Personality Edit

Mizutama has a lovely and kind personality towards the younger Geisha and Tomoe.

History Edit


When Mizutama was a little child had survived the attack that was done by Akura-Ou that he had killed all of the Geisha that had lived there. She was spared by Tomoe at that time when he had walk past her and he told Akura-Ou that he seen that there was no Geisha left in the house. Mizutama had manage to get away from the Geisha house that she had live at.


In the present day, Mizutama looks after the younger Geisha and keeps a eye on them since she has grow old. The younger Geisha call her Sister Mizutama, since she is highly respect by them. She is even happy when Tomoe shows up at the Geisha house.

Relationships Edit


Mizutama is grateful that Tomoe had spared her life so many years ago when Akura-Ou had attacked the Geisha house that she was living at. She notices that Tomoe has a home and isn't lonely anymore, so she glad about that. The two of them have remained friends through out the years together.

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