Japanese 瑞希
Gender Male
Species Divine White Snake
Height 173 cm (5'8")
Occupation Familiar
Home Mikage Shrine

Yonomori Shrine (former)

Anime Episode 4
Manga Chapter 014
Voice Actor
Japanese Nobuhiko Okamoto
English Micah Solusod
Love Interest Unari (wife-temporary)


Mizuki (瑞希) is a white snake shikigami and the second familiar of Nanami Momozono in the manga series "Kamisama Hajimemashita".

Appearance Edit

Mizuki has white slightly parted hair. He has green snakelike eyes, white eyelashes and pale skin. He is seen typically wearing Japanese traditional clothes, just like his rival and fellow familiar, Tomoe.

Personality Edit

Mizuki had led a very sheltered life until he met Nanami, something Tomoe scathingly points out on more than one occasion. Inexperience notwithstanding, Mizuki can be very clever and even manipulative. He still loves Nanami in his own way, and so is very jealous of her obvious affection for Tomoe.

He has tried several times in various ways to drive a wedge between them, without success. He is extremely naive and is shown to possess a child-like wonder and innocence in the ways of the human world and the things in it. As he continues to spend time with his new land god and her friends his world has expanded, but he remains by and large a rather goofy, lovable baby.

History Edit

Mizuki first appeared at Nanami Momozono's high school in the form of a white snake, where he was found bullied by other students. Nanami rescued him and set him free, and as she carried him to safety, he found the chance to leave a betrothal mark on her wrist. The next day he came and kidnapped her, taking her away to the Yonomori shrine while Tmoe was distracted. After Nanami regained her consciousness, Mizuki informed her that she was at Yonomori shrine and that they are engaged, which shocked her. He also introduced to her the spirits of the shrine as well as the Kamisama's quarters. Nanami then declared that she must leave, to which he responded with 'Go home, if you can that is". As she ran she tripped and fell. She persisted and continued forward. However, she ended up back at the entrance to Yonomori shrine. She felt confused, as she'd thought she had run in a straight line. Mizuki was waiting at the entrance and invited her back inside.

When Nanami headed to the bedroom Mizuki assured her that he would not try anything until she was ready to, which calmed her down a little. She woke up during the night and went to the restroom. As she was heading back to sleep, she noticed Mizuki sitting on the front porch with a depressed expression as he gazed upon the plum blossom tree. This made Nanami question what the shrine could be missing that would make him so sad, even though it looked very beautiful and had a Kamisama sitting in it.

The next day, the spirits of the shrine gave her a live frog in a bowl as breakfast. Naturally, this made her feel a little sick. Mizuki complained that taking care of a human is hard, as he consumed a snake's diet himself. He boasted that what he can make best is sacred sake, which the Kamisama of the shrine is very proud of. Mizuki went on to remark that Tomoe sure was lonely for all the years Mikage-sama was missing. Nanami shot back that it was he who looked lonely and depressed last night. She asked Mizuki how long has there been no worshipers, to which he responded clumsily. This made her more suspicious that something was definitely missing. Nanami headed over to where the Kamisama of the shrine was supposedly sitting while Mizuki shouted for her to not disturb the Kamisama. Nanami pulled away the curtain, revealing a mirror on a pillow, but no Kamisama. This led her to question Mizuki about what happened there. Mizuki then told her the story of how the shrine was made and what had happened. Mizuki confided his past in Nanami. Mizuki and his Kamisama, Yonomori, had lived happily in their shrine for years, receiving many visitors and enjoying the plum blossoms together. Then suddenly, the worshipers moved away from the lake and toward the city. With no worshipers, the Kamisama was no longer needed and went into hiding, leaving Mizuki all alone. This made Nanami feel sympathetic towards him and realize how lonely he had felt. She comforted him, and he mistook this as a sign of her love. Mizuki attempted to force himself on her, reasoning that they were "closer now" than they were when he said he wouldn't try anything.

Then, Mizuki catches sight of a shadow looming in the doorway, soon revealing a very angry looking Tomoe. Tomoe barked "How dare you try to advance yourself upon my mistress", and used his foxfire to burn up the shrine while Mizuki dodged, leaving Nanami. Tomoe goes to Nanami and holds her close to him while Mizuki tries to put out the flames. Mizuki sniped, "I thought a fox would be more clever than to attempt to burn down a water goddess's shrine." and says that they shouldn't even be talking in the first place as Tomoe is a shinshi who was originally an ayakashi while he is a sacred shinshi, revealing that there are possibly different social classes in the shinshi world. Tomoe counters by saying that Mizuki is "just playing shinshi in a rotting shrine that has no kamisama". Tomoe continues burning the shrine, causing the spirits of the shrine to run and inform Mizuki that the area around the plum blossom tree was burning. Mizuki rushes out and is relieved to see that the tree was unharmed. Tomoe realizes that the shrine and everything around it exists to decorate that tree. Mizuki admits to this, saying that the tree was his last connection to his precious kamisama, Yonomori. Tomoe responds that as a familiar he understands. He then specifies that he understands how much it would hurt Mizuki if he were to burn it down. He readies his foxfire and prepared to destroy the tree , causing Mizuki to exclaim, "STOP IT!"

Nanami remembers what Mizuki had said before, that the tree is Yonomori's favorite and how he asked her to live together with him and enjoy the plum blossoms forever. Nanami tells Tomoe that he has done enough, and then goes to Mizuki and tells him that she is leaving since Tomoe has come to bring her home. She apologizes that she can't stay with him, but promises to come visit him when he feels lonely again and enjoy the plum blossoms together.

Relationships Edit

Nanami MomozonoEdit

Nanami begins as Mizuki's love interest, but his affection for her seems to have solidified into more of an older sister / younger brother relationship. This is ironic, considering that he is several hundred years her senior. He frequently comes to her for protection and sympathy when Tomoe behaves in a cruel manner, and competes with Tomoe for Nanami's affection, not as a potential lover might, but rather as a little boy vying for his beloved older sister's attention.

He is very loyal to Nanami, even refusing to acknowledge Mikage as the land god of Mikage shrine in her place. He also begs her to be careful to avoid changing the past during her travels, as he doesn't want to miss meeting her in the future and return to his lonely life at the abandoned Yonomori shrine.


Tomoe and Mizuki began as enemies, and their relationship has only improved marginally from there. This is mainly due to Tomoe's understandable resentment (in light of past events) of Mizuki being allowed at the shrine at all, much less as a familiar, and secondly because of their mutual jealousy over Nanami's affections. While Tomoe is extremely upfront with his dislike of the white snake shikigami, Mizuki wages a much more subtle war against his fox senior, frequently attempting to manipulate Nanami and make Tomoe look bad.

While naive in the ways of the world, Mizuki frequently exhibits a definite shrewdness for relationships. At the god summit he helped Tomoe come to grips with his growing feelings for Nanami, because above all else,  Mizuki wants his land god to be happy, even if it is at the expense of his own heart.

Yonomori MitsuhaEdit

Yonomori Mitsuha is Mizuki's former land god, a water goddess of the Yonomori shrine. Her manifestation was a plum tree, and when she went into hiding, she left a beautiful one behind for Mizuki to remember her by. Mizuki later created his fantasy shrine with this tree as its cornerstone. 

In chapter 82 we meet a very young and nearly powerless Yonomori, who has just been gifted a sacred shikigami egg. We are left with the understanding that this egg will one day hatch into the white snake Mizuki. Until Nanami, Yonomori was the only tochigama Mizuki ever served. He loved his kami very much and she returned his affection, encouraging him at the end of her life not to mourn her, but to find a companion and live out his days in happiness.


Mizuki becomes a temporary husband for Unari when Kurama tricks her and angers her. After accepting her for who she is and cares for her, she falls in love with him. However seeing that Nanami is the most important person for him, she allows him to leave.

Though she loves him deeply, it is questionable whether he returns her feelings. However, he still cares very much for her, not wanting her to feel the same loneliness he had, and promising to see her once every year to be with her.

Quotes Edit

(To Tomoe) "You should be punished for trying to burn the shrine of a water god"

(To Nanami, at the festival) "What is a candy apple? Is it sweet? Is it candy? Or an apple?"

(To Tomoe, at the festival) "I can't stop shivering because I'm forced to hold hands with someone I hate."

(To Nanami) "This plum tree is Yonomori-sama's favourite"

(To Nanami, when she orders him to stop attacking Isohime) "Please say it again Nanami-chan! And bind me with the invisible chains!"

(To Nanami, in his thoughts) "Do you still remember this plum tree? This is the place where my heart touched a human's for the very first time, even if its forbidden or whatever...I don't care anymore."

(To Nanami, when Tomoe was ill from the curse) "If Tomoe-kun wasn't at Mikage shrine...I'd still be here at Yonomori Shrine...sitting and staring at the plum tree...I'm so lonely, Nanami-chan..."

(To Yonomori-sama) "Yonomori-sama...Am I...going to lose my master again?"

(Practicing the flute) "Wheeeeze."

(To the onibi-warashi, when Mikage-sama has returned) "Nanami-chan is my only master. I don't care that Mikage-sama has returned. I won't let him dpo away with Nanami-chan"

(To Tomoe) "I hate your guts. But I have the courtesy of not telling Nanami about what you did."

(To Unari) "Unari's eyes are clear and blue, just like the Okinawan Ocean. I think it's pretty."

(To Unari, about Nanami) "She is the most important person."

(To Unari, when he's leaving) "Unari! I... will come here again. Once a year. Every year on this day. I will come see you."

Trivia Edit

  • Mizuki is a skilled brewer of sacred sake, as his former land god was very fond of it. 
  • He possesses a sacred artifact called a time-turning incense burner which allows him to send himself and others back in time.
  • Mizuki has a strong fondness towards ice cream and candy apples.
  • Though he has exceptional skill making sake, it is revealed that he doesn't like other forms of alcohol such as whiskey.
  • Mizuki was waiting for a god that would never come back, like Tomoe.
  • Nanami is the second god Mizuki has served. 
  • Like Tomoe, Mizuki has romantic feelings for Nanami.
  • "Mizuki" is a gender-neutral Japanese name. 
  • Mizuki fears Nanami disappearing and being lonely again, which is similar to Tomoe's fear.