Lady Inaho
Japanese 稲穂姫
Romaji Inaho
Gender Female
Species God
Occupation God
Status Alive
Anime ◎ Episode 2
Manga Chapter 40
Voice Actor
Japanese Yurin/Chiaki Naitou
English Bryn Apprill

Lady Inaho is a female god that is often seen sleeping. She appeared in the Gods' meeting in Izumo

Appearance Edit

She wears a peach and flower-patterned kimono. Her hair is tied up in a traditional royalty-like hairstyle. She was seen wearing a mask during the assembly doing the matchmaking works to hide the fact that she was sleeping.

She is experienced in dressing herself up as she helped Nanami to tie her kimono sash and made her hair.

Personality Edit

Lady Inaho is usually sleeping, as the Fumigae Gods complained that she should have not slept throughout the year if she had known that she would sleep her way through the Izumo gods meeting. She suddenly collapsed and whined that she was so busy doing the matchmaking work that she have not slept-which was the opposite. Nanami ended up helping her do all her work.

Plot Overview Edit

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