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Kurama Shinjirou
Japanese 鞍馬
Gender Male
Species Tengu Yokai
Birthday June 6
Height 182 cm
Occupation Idol
Home Tokyo
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 007
Voice Actor
Japanese Daisuke Kishio
English Sean O'Connor
Kurama (鞍馬) is a wildly popular music idol with the gimmick of being a "fallen angel", with goth makeup and a bad boy attitude. He is a crow tengu who wished to become the land god by eating Nanami's heart. Tomoe had found out about this quickly and stopped him by turning him into an ostrich saying that this would definitely make a good dinner. He ran away, chased by Tomoe's will-o-wisp. Nanami soon found out and stopped Tomoe.

After being thwarted by Tomoe, he becomes friendly with Nanami and even allows her to stay at his apartment when she temporarily loses her godhood and asks for his help because (little) Tomoe had a fever. He has a lingering dislike for Tomoe, however. 

In his village, he is known as Shinjirou and was raised by an older tengu called Suirou whom he thinks of as his brother and has high respect for. Kurama, in fact, is no ordinary tengu but is the blood-related son of one of the tengu chiefs, specifically Third Chief Soujoubou's only son. He was treated harshly during his childhood by Jirou which was why he had left Kurama Mountain 16 years ago and lived in the human world. He also shown to have more normal human's attitude than the others (Tomoe, Mizuki, etc.).


Kurama as an ostrich

Land god

Kurama disguising as the land god.


Kurama is very charismatic and due to his popularity, very arrogant and selfish as well, seeing that he had attempted to catch and eat Nanami's heart to become the Land God.

A few chapters later, he had become much more friendly to Nanami, especially in school. He still has thoughts on becoming the Land god by befriending Nanami, but it was never as serious as it had been when he first met her. However, after his encounters in Kurama Mountain, the thoughts of becoming Land god disappeared altogether. Although he still remains very arrogant around his fans, he becomes a good and reliable friend of Nanami's.

Due to his occupation as an idol, he is very familiar in socializing with humans, especially girls. Despite his grudges against Tomoe, he reminded him that Nanami was human and warned him of the possibility of her falling in love with him. But being so used to girls loving him to the point he finds it unbelivable when girls ignore him, it had become used to breaking their hearts, making it hard for Ami, a shy friend of Nanami, to confess her love for him. However, in spite of often being surrounded and swooned over by other people, deep inside he is a lonely person, constantly visiting Nanami and seeking company other than his fans.


(To Tomoe) "A man's life is too short."

(To Nanami/Tomoe) "I only wanted to conquer your heart."

(To child Tomoe) "You're useless."

(About Oto-Sama) "After he recovers his health, the mountain can also recover as well!"

"I...dont want to be fourth chief."

"I want to sneak into the temple...and deliver the medicine to Oto-Sama."

"Lets go pay a formal visit to Kurama Temple."

(To Tomoe) "Turn three times, then imitate a cat by saying miao!"

(Upon meeting Nanami for the first time) "Hey, you with the hood, this is my seat. Move it!"

(To Nanami) "Sorry about earlier, Nanami-Chan. I apologize. I was in a bad mood earlier."

"Is this really happening? No one can see my hotness?"

(To Mizuki) "Go home already. You're not ready for a place like this."

(When transformed into an ostrich) "Os! Trich! Ostrich!"

(To Tomoe) "Yo, kitsune (fox). Are you all wound up because you're tardy?"

"Hmph, have you fallen in love with the sound of my voice, Nanami?"


  • His name is normally stylized as KURAMA.
  • His name is the same as the mountain he hails from.


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