Kotarou Urashima
Japanese 小太郎・裏嶋
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Human
Birthday March 3
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Anime Episode 3
Manga Chapter 005
Voice Actor
Japanese Ryohei Kimura
English Chris Burnett
Love Interest Numano Himemiko (lover)
Child(s) Unnamed Child
Kotarou Urashima (小太郎・裏嶋) is one of the main supporting characters of Kamisama Kiss.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Kotarou is technically a shy type of boy who doesn't blend well with other people, claiming his only good point was probably his skill in solving rubix cubes. He has low self-esteem, making him doubt that Himemiko actually loves him and that it might just be a cruel prank of some kind. However, after undergoing some obstacles in their love, he realizes Himemiko's love for him is true, and so is his love for her.

History Edit

when Himemiko requested Nanami to help her to find a way to meet him again. Kotarou was shy around Himemiko when he first met her but, after getting to know her, grew fond of her and eventually fell in love with her.

Plot Overview Edit

After discovering Himemiko was a yokai, Kotarou rejected her for lying to him about her true identity. After clearing his thoughts and some persuasion from the Dragon King, he interrupted Himemiko's marriage to Nishiki, and Himemiko's true form emerges while they are escaping. Kotarou shows an amused expression (and almost lost his breath, as they were underwater) before telling Himemiko that he accepts her no matter what her appearance was. Afterward, they have a steady growing relationship after this and plan to go to Disneyland together.

Relationships Edit

Numano HimemikoEdit

Himemiko is his lover, because of her, he tries to be stronger and move forward. He felt betrayed when he learned of Himemiko's secret of being yokai but the Dragon King advises that Himemiko was probably just afraid of hurting him and if he wanted to be trusted, he must become reliable and strong. He aims towards that attitude ever so slowly and after apologizing to Himemiko, their love gets stronger by the day.

Nanami MomozonoEdit

He had met Nanami and Tomoe when they were trying to found him so that he and Himemiko could meet again. His grateful towards Nanami for getting him and Himemiko together.

Quotes Edit

  • (In his thoughts) "I heard the sound...of something crumbling that had always been beside me."
  • (To Himemiko) "How...can I accept you after all this?!"