Gender Male
Species Shikigami
Occupation Akura-Ou's Shikigami
Status Deceased
Anime ◎ OVA 2
Voice Actor

Kikuichi is a shikigami that was hatched by Akura-Ou. He first appeared in OVA 2

Appearance Edit

Personally Edit

In Kikuichi's eyes, there is no good or evil. He simply follows his master's orders whether they're good or bad. He is however, highly protective of Akura-Oh, and is often seen pressing him to take better care of his mortal body.

Plot Overview Edit

Relationships Edit

Akura-Ou Edit

He is completely loyal to him, and rather protective of him. He follows Akura-Ou with Monjiro. He has stated that he will do anything for his master's sake even if it means betraying him.

Monjiro Edit

Kikuichi seemed to get along with Monjiro, as his fellow shikigami serving Akura-Ou. Although he was seen whacking Monjiro on the head when he was being loud, they have also been seen playing with a ball together and playing around, such as one instance where Kikuichi was tickling Monjiro.

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