Kamisama Onegai
English Please God
Japanese 神様お願い
Romaji Kamisama Onegai
Lyrics Matsuzaki Yuuji
Composer/Arranger Matsuzaki Yuuji
Singer Hanae
Album Kamisama Hajimemashita / Kamisama Onegai

Kamisama Onegai is the closing theme of Kamisama Hajimemashita anime series and it is performed by Hanae

Description Edit

The song debuted in the first episode as the ending theme song and continued as it is until the last episode. It is one of the tracks in the single, Kamisama Hajimemashita / Kamisama Onegai by Hanae. 

Voice actor Daisuke Kishio sang his character's version as the ending of Episode 10.


The song was originally written and composed by the 1960s Japanese pop group The Tempters. The single was released in 1968 and reached #2 on the Oricon hit chart. Hanae's cover version was on Oricon for 9 weeks and reached #20.


Kamisama, onegai da
Boku no ano hito ni aitai no sa
ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah

Kamisama tsurainda
kyou matta noni
onegai da aru no, kamisama

boku wo tasukete
ah ah ah ah 
ah ah ah ah
kamisama, mou osoi
ano ko wa
touka sora ni
kieta no sa
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
sayonara baby

Please God
I want to meet her
ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah

God, I'm in pain
Because she...
didnt come today either
I have a request, God
please save me
ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah
god, its too late for me
because she's
into the distant sky
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah
farewell baby

アー アアアー アー アアアー

アー アアアー アー アアアー

神様 僕を助けて

アー アアアー アー アアアー
消えたのさ イェイェイェ

さよなら Baby, good-bye, good-bye
さよなら Baby, good-bye, good-bye
Baby, good-bye, good-bye

アアアー good-bye
アアアー good-bye

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