Romaji Hiou
Gender Female
Species Yokai
Occupation Izanami's familiar
Home Izanami Shrine
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Kaori Shimizu
English Lindsay Seidel
Hiou is the a cat yokai and the familiar of Izanami. She was ordered by Izanami to chase down Nanami and Kirihito.

Appearance Edit

Hiou wears a white blouse and black pants complete with a red bow and white lace headband. Her outfit resembles one of a stewardess and maid. She has pink hair and noticeable cat features: cat ears, cat tail and she has a face alike a cat's.

Personality Edit

Hiou is proud of being Izanami's familiar and usually calls herself 'The Great Familiar of Izanami' She adds 'Nyao' at the end of her speeches and sometimes in between. Her personality and features are alike those of a cat's as she is a cat yokai

Plot Overview Edit

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