Hiiragi as an infant in the Kako-hen OVA


Gender Female
Species Human
Blood Type Most Likely B
Home Koishikawa
Status Deceased
Anime Kako-hen OVA (briefly)
Manga Chapter 098
Voice Actor
Father Fedual Lord of Koishikawa
Mother Yukiji
Child(s) Kumimi Momozono (descendant/deceased}
Nanami Momozono (descendant)

Hiiragi (柊) is the daughter of Yukiji and Feudal Lord of Koishikawa.

Appearance Edit

When Hiiragi was just born, that she was fragile and very delicate. Her hair appears to be lighter then Yukiji's and most likely when she get's older she will bear a striking resemblance to her mother, as mentioned by the women who helped her during child birth. However, according to Tomoe, she looks like a monkey.

After Hirragi is all grown up. She bears a striking resemblance to Yukiji, however her hair is shorter and wears her hair up in a high tight bun.

History Edit

Through out her mother's pregnancy, she was very ill and was at the brink of death until Tomoe stole the Dragon Lord's eye and gave it to Yukiji. Though unknown to neither of them, Nanami helped feed the eye to Yukiji, which resulted in her health returning and allowing her to give birth to her child. 

For unknow reasons, Yukiji died sometime later. However, Hiiragi lived on, and ended up having a baby girl of her very own, passing on the Dragon Lord's eye and continuing the cycle. And in return, their daughters could only have one healthly daughter from each generation, as said by Nanami's mother in Chapter 62.


Trivia Edit

  • Yukiji gave the name "Hiiragi" to her daughter because it was a tree that is supposed to ward of evil spirits. Yukiji gave her the name in the hopes that her child, unlike her, will have a happy life in which demons couldn't ruin.
  • Hirragi is also the second ancestor, the other being Yukiji, of Nanami mentioned in the series.
  • Hiiragi means Holly in japanese.