The Ornamental Hairpin
English: The Ornamental Hairpin
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 038
Anime: Episode 11
Currently: Nanami Momozono

The hairpin first appeared while Nanami was attempting to get Tomoe to come to the theme park with her. She found it in his room and assumed it was Yukiji's for Tomoe to have kept it in such a pretty case and taken such good care of it. After finally convincing Tomoe to come, they ride a coaster that messes up her hair.

Nanami's hairpin

Nanami with the hairpin

Tomoe fixes it up with the hairpin, telling her it suited her and decided to give it to her. Tomoe later admits that he'd actually bought the pin during the festival they held several weeks before for Nanami but hesitated in giving it to her due to Nanami's constant untied hairstyle.

Nanami treasured the pin and brought it with her during her time travels for luck. After promising to become his future wife, Nanami gives past Tomoe the pin. He later on uses that pin to seal the contract with Kuromaro in an attempt to become human and Kuromaro eats it.

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