Ch. 106 of Kamisama Hajimemashita



Ami awakens to the sound of the mermaid Unari's singing stating that it sounded sad.

Meanwhile, Kirihito hears Unari's song. Telling his shikigami stop the song. Yatori then arrives saying that Kirihito's shikigami is useless. Yatori questions Kirihito's condition. Kirihito replies that he had recovered and gained some strength after stealing a kiss from Nanami earlier. He then says to Yatori to kill Unari, but Yatori disagrees, telling Kirihito that there would be no more bloodshed, because it increased their enemies. Kirihito mentions that the only way to stop the song of Unari is to leave the island.

Kirihito tells Yatori to bring him to 'hell' so that he may retrieve his real body. Yatori promises him while feeding him medicine. Kirihito admits that his body could not go on for much longer and that death is approaching.

At the hotel, Kei begs Kurama to save Ami. Kurama makes the excuse that him, as a human, could not do anything. Tomoe sends his fox-fire to search for Unari's den, believing that Unari and Nanami would be there. Mizuki questions the efficacy of the fox-fire under water but assuring that he would ask his 'fellow brethren' (other snakes). Kurama runs ff to his room, saying he was not much use anyway. Behind a wall, a girl was taking pictures of the moment Kurama walks out of the girls' room.

Nanami is seen struggling with the waves when a hand comes and grabs her. Thinking it is Tomoe, she says thank you. She looks up and sees that it was not Tomoe, but one of Kirihito's shikigami. Asking the shikigami if the person who stole the robe of feathers is Kirihito. She pleads with the him and Kirihito begging them to return the robe of feathers so that she could save Ami. A fox fire is seen coming, but the shikigami uses the robe to distinguish the fire replying that it is fire proof and is very valuable, the reason being that Kirihito fought hard for it. Before he could finish his sentence, Nanami goes back under the waves. She then grabs onto the leg of the the shikigami, telling him to do the exchange. The familiar then slightly falls saying that he is starting to die because his master, Kirihito, is dying as well. The shikigami, wishing to save Kirihito, asks Nanami to give him all her life power and in exchange will give Nanami the robe of feathers, adding that he would do anything to save his master, even if it meant betraying his master. 

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