Ch.95 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


M095 001


Furball notices Suke, who quickly begs for his life. Furball asks him if he was

scared of him and after Suke confesses that he is, Furball tells him not to spill a word of what he saw or else he would be eaten head-first. Suke quickly concides and Furball relishes the taste of being feared.

Meanwhile, Yukiji goes out to look at the moon despite the master of the house's wishes. She wonders if Nanami was alright and sees Fuuta, then asking why he was late. 

Fuuta apologizes and tells her Nanami had returned home safely. Fuuta then asks how she found her new home to which Yukiji replies that her husband was a very kind man. Fuuta smiles, relieved, telling her that he would be leaving for the city tomorrow morning to search for Kuromaro. After which he excuses himself but Yukiji calls his name and hugs him.

Just above, Nanami worries that she might disappear in front of Tomoe. Tomoe brings Nanami to Yukiji's home in hopes that they would be able to heal Nanami. Not wishing to be seen by Yukiji, Nanami lets Tomoe bring her somewhere behind the house. She tells him to leave before he is found but Tomoe hesitates, feeling as if they would meet for a long time if he did. He asks Nanami to swear one more time the she would become his wife and hand over her hairpin as a proof of the promise. She gives it to him and Tomoe promises that when the time comes he would definitely come back for her. Behind the trees Yukiji watches as Nanami disappears after Tomoe leaves and wonders what Nanami was. Meanwhile, Akura-Ou wonders where Tomoe was hiding from him.

Nanami, still traveling as a spirit, sees Fuuta some others find Ontake Mountain where Kuromaro lived. Nanami, feeling so close, forces herself back to the past and calls out to Kuromaro. He appears and Nanami begs him to tell her what can nullify the contract. Kuromaro tells her it was unfortunate that he has yet to meet the man she spoke of but says that in order to bind a contract, the person must present an item to represent the vow. However, if the man was able to retrieve the item, the contract would then be nullified. Feeling pain course through her body, Nanami is advised by Kuromaro to return to her time. Nanami returns to a spirit and in the present, Mikage tells the Tomoe in the mirror to wait just a bit longer.     

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