Ch. 094

Chapter 094 of Kamisama Hajimemashita manga.


Nanami is seen refreshing herself by a river and soon Tomoe shows up and gives her a fish to eat, calling her  Yukiji. Nanami gets depressed that Tomoe called her that, believing that it was not her Tomoe was in love with. Nanami refuses the fish and claims that she had to go. Tomoe grabs her and asks if she was returning to her fiance. Nanami replied that even though Tomoe regarded them as insects, he was an important man. Tomoe shows her her hairpin and asks if it was also from the man. Nanami denies and grabs it from Tomoe. Tomoe complains that she kept crying and getting angry and decides to bring her to a sakura garden. Nanami smiles, saying that she likes it. Tomoe smiles, relieved that Nanami finally smiled, telling her to do it more often. Tomoe asks her if she remembered that rainy day long ago where they first met in the rundown hut, the time she'd found him injured by the riverside, and the nights she came to care for him. He admits that ever since that time, he'd fallen for her. He tells her she was lovelier than anything and Nanami cries from the happiness of knowing that those actions were hers and that Tomoe had fallen for her, not Yukiji. She tells him that she was already his, however, there was something she still had to do but promised that she would be his wife in the future. Tomoe asks her why it couldn't be now but Nanami drops to the ground, the time-limit for time-travelling already out. Nanami asks that he bring her home but Tomoe only hugs her and says "no". 

Meanwhile Kirakaburi lies hurt on the ground. Furball appears from behind the trees and Kirakaburi yells at him to help him and insults him, calling him useless. But the furball just stands still and comments that no one could hear them or see them. He tells Kirakaburi he wasn't scared and devours him. Behind the bushes, Suke sees the whole thing.

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