Ch. 092

Ch.92 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


During the procession, Suke repeatedly complains that he was tired. They rest and Suke tells Nanami that if Yukiji would no longer meet her husbands expectations, she would surely be kicked out and replaced. But Nanami insists that this was in order to create a new family, that was why Yukiji would surely become happy. That was why Nanami promised to herself that she would surely save Tomoe and wished fervently to meet him. Suddenly, there was a poison fog and Nanami covers Suke's mouth in time but soon gets whisk away in the air by vines. Kirakaburi appears and Nanami panics, as she had been expecting Akura-Ou himself. Kirakaburi kills some of Nanami's guards. Fearing everyone's death, she tries to pull Kirakaburi away by getting free from the vines and running away. He catches her easily but finds out it was only a talisman. The real Nanami was running away through the forest. Her leg gets wounded by a thrown twig as she falls over and pulls it out. However, the anesthetic in the twig made her numb, she only went as far as collapsing under a tree. Kirakaburi catches up and tries to kill her but gets slashed by Tomoe. He picks up Nanami and wonders out loud how to end her life. It starts raining as Tomoe takes her with him and they ends up in front of a house where he throws her inside. He yanks off the top part of her kimono, Nanami didn't fight as she was unable to move due to the poison. However she felt a part of her not resisting as she wanted to see Tomoe and always wanted him to touch her. Tomoe tells her to looks at him, calling her Yukiji. Nanami starts crying, wanting to shout that she was not Yukiji, begs him not to look at her. Tomoe lost his excitement at this and hugs her instead, tells her not to cry like that. He confesses that he becomes insane when she cries. Nanami falls asleep in Tomoe's arms, wondering if everyone escaped safely. While some people were fighting the darkness, Nanami saw a dream of Yukiji smiling with her new family.

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