Chapter 90 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Nanami sits in an alleyway, recovering from the scene of people dying and fear of Akura-Ou. She hopes to find Kuromaro so that she could return home soon. Yukiji finds her once more and lets her stay. She finds out she that 3 months passed since she left and explains she had been looking for Kuromaro of Ontake Mountain. Yukiji says there was no Ontake Mountain anywhere nearby and also learns that Yukiji would be marrying very soon. Suke and Futa burst through the door and Nanami decides to go with Yukiji to the village the following day in order to find Kappa, who can call Kuromaro. They celebrate Yukiji's upcoming marriage with the Divine Sake Nanami had in her bag, Yukiji smiling. After she fell asleep, Futa tells Nanami he wanted Yukiji to be happy and Nanami agreed. Meanwhile Tomoe does not do anything, feeling not like himself. He rushes to Akura-Ou, who asks him if it was okay already since the furball had claimed Tomoe to be lovesick. Both of them laugh and Akura-Ou tells Tomoe that a girl named Yukiji would be wed in three days and that he wishes to play with her. Tomoe tells him he's not interested and Akura-Ou asks if it was okay to do anything to her. Tomoe says he doesn't care. Meanwhile, Nanami comes back to Yukiji after visiting Kappa's Mountain, only to find it all black. She cleans up and ponders on how she could get to Kuromaro now. A yokai suddenly appeared but it was immediately decapitated by Yukiji. Dying, the yokai says to Yukiji that she belongs to Akura-Ou. Though worried, Yukiji's father decides to go on with the wedding procession. But Nanami objects and, in order to preserve Yukiji's smiling face, she offers to be on the fake palanquin instead of Yukiji.

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