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Ch.89 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Akura-Ou opens Nanami's canned peaches with his nail and eats them. Nanami recognizes Akura-Ou from one of the wanted posters in Mitsuha Yonomori's Shine. She asks him if he knows of Ontake Mountain's Kuromaro but he only tells her he wanted to look at the capital women and compare them with regular ones and Nanami shall be his guide. When they go in, he attracts lots of attention to the horns on his head so Nanami sticks a talisman on him with 'air' written on it, making him inconspicious. Later, Nanami find out today was a special day, the Spring Welcoming Festival. This piques Akura-Ou's interest. Nanami looks around for someone who knew of Kuromaro. A little later, Nanami asks Akura-Ou if he was satisfied after seeing all the cute girls but Akura-Ou says that all the girls just arent Tomoe's taste. Nanami excitedly asks him what was Tomoe's taste and Akura-Ou tells her that Tomoe had a habit of hiding his important things and when he steals it, Tomoe would reply with annoyed face saying, "Ahh, you again, brother". Akura-Ou hated humans for they showed a scared expression and were weak so Akura-Ou wish to find out what kind a girl she was that Tomoe would love her. Nanami comments that they are good friends but is saddened that as the years pass, Tomoe will slowly forget Akura-Ou. Akura-Ou climbs a wooden tower with Nanami but she complains it's too high so Akura-Ou jumps down and tells her to follow. When she said she couldn't, he cut the tower in half and catching Nanami when she fell, ending the festival. As they walk down an alleyway, Nanami asks if he liked any of the capital girls, but he says they are boring, however Nanami was rather interesting. Suddenly, Nanami gets robbed and knocked out by some thieves and Akura-Ou makes himself known. When Nanami wakes up, the floor drips with blood for Akura-Ou had killed the thieves. Nanami asks why and Akura-Ou replies it's because they die so easily. Nanami runs away, Akura-Ou finishing the last of her peaches. Then the furball's voice resounds, telling Akura-Ou he'd found the girl Tomoe liked and Akura-Ou decides to see her, promising to play with Nanami next time.

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