Ch.82 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Nanami goes back 500 years ago in search for a cure for Tomoe's curse. She attempts to follow an ofuda to look for people but loses it in the mountainous terrain and gets lost. Along with her, she brought the hairpin Tomoe gave her as a constant reminder of what she was supposed to do. Resting on a rock, she hears rustling and a little female god who calls herself Mitsuha appears. While following her, Mitsuha shows Nanami a picture of a wanted yokai. Seeing Tomoe, she learns that gods were taking action and that he was currently located in the west, a very long way from where she was. Seeing her sad face, Mitsuha tells Nanami that as long as she was determined, a path would open up on it's own. She brings her to her shrine and inside, Nanami sees an egg. Mitsuha tells her that it contained her most important familiar. She tells her it might hatch tomorrow or a 100 years later, but it will hatch, and when that happens, her shrine would be filled with plum blossoms, she would turn her village into a town and protect the people within. Nanami thinks of her own future, uneasy and doubtful, would she be able to complete her task. Suddenly there was a voice and Mitsuha tells Nanami it was the rain dragon yokai that dominates the river beside her shrine. He says he had eaten many people today and that she was useless, just like the day he ate her arm. Nanami sees Mitsuha's mutilated arm and gets angry, but Mitsuha stops her and smiles a hopeful smile. She tells Nanami that one day she would be able to get retaliate, but now was not the time. She tells Nanami she had a way to get to the west quickly. She can ride a boat through the river and to a waterfall with a dimensional distortion point connected to the west. She hugs Nanami, thanks her for talking to her, and waves her goodbye, telling her to visit her shrine; Yonomori Shrine, one day. Nanami sees her shrine, large and full of plum blossoms, guarded by a loyal and honest familiar, Mizuki. Then she rides away. Meanwhile, past Tomoe and Akura-Ou having just burnt an entire town, plan to go west. 

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