Ch. 080

Ch.80 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Mikage tells Nanami there was no way to save Tomoe. While wearing a kimono, the hairpin Tomoe had given her drops and Nanami cries, feeling helpless. Mikage seemed very relaxed and uncaring that Tomoe was dying, happily drinking Mizuki's sake. Suddenly one of Mikage's Shrine Spirits inform them that Nanami had run away. Sleeping alone outside in the snow, she if found by Yatori. She wakes up inside and sees Yatori, who tells her that though he had suffered a lot because of her, there was still some things he need her to do. Unable to escape due to an ankle-bind, she sees Kirihito, a boy who she once met. Yatori explains that he was his loyal servant and that they need Nanami to be buried alive in Yomi-no-Kuni to open the gates for them, and since Tomoe was dying, it wasn't like she had a place to return to. Kirihito tells Yatori to leave and Nanami asks Kirihito if he wasn't human. Kirihito tells Nanami that he was an extremely scary demon inside a weak human body. His true body was in Yomi-no-Kuni and thanks to Nanami, he was going to get it. Nanami cries and tells Kirihito it was not a fear of death, but because her powerlessness cause Tomoe to die for no reason. Kirihito gets angry that she would cry for the likes of Tomoe. He tells her that humans will never have something that they cannot do, even when it looked hopeless. Nanami wonders why she had wanted to give up when Kirihito even, would not give up. Kirihito tells her that his past self faced anyone straight on and because of that, he fell into this condition. If he met his past self, he would pummel him. Nanami gets the idea to go back to the past to save Tomoe from ever getting the curse. She breaks the ankle-bind and runs away, thanking Kirihito. Meanwhile, Kirihito fumes about Nanami's escape, receiving many apologies from Yatori.

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