Ch. 076

I was able to meet you at last

Ch.76 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


After Kotarou's intrusion, Shiranui immediately orders the guards to capture him but Nishiki stops them, saying that he no longer wished to see Himemiko's depressed face. Kawaramako, within Nanami's body, panics and runs out. Tomoe follows her. Outside, she shoots the escaping couple with a bazooka. Himemiko immediately protects Kotarou and brings him out of the air bubble Mikage Shrine was in. However, the effort breaks the magic cloaking her true appearance and she returns to her yokai form. Kotarou runs out of air and they surface. There, Kotarou blushes and begins to giggle, then reconfirming his love for Himemiko. 

Back in the palace, Nishiki notices the full moon and wonders if this pain he was feeling was one of falling out of love. Meanwhile, Kawaramako is distraught from Himemiko's escape. Behind her, Tomoe asks if she was okay and Kawaramoko resolves not to lose both the body and Tomoe. She kisses Tomoe and asks him to take her away. 

Still in the hole, Nanami and Mizuki wonder how they could get out. Suddenly the rock above them breaks and they see the Dragon King along with the servant Aoi. After learning the frog was Nanami, he bursts out laughing. Aoi picks Nanami up and tells them this was Kawaramako's doing. She was an old toad who excelled at witchcraft and had taken over Nanami's body and for as long as Kawaramako refused to leave the body, Nanami could not return to her former self.  

Meanwhile, enjoying her brand new youth, Kawaramako confesses to Tomoe, suggesting that they quit their responsibilities as god and familiar and elope. Tomoe smiles and tells her he was very happy she thought of him in that way. 

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