The festival ended with Nanami having a bad muscle pain. When Nanami went to the kitchen, Tomoe asked Nanami about the butterflies that appeared at the festival. Nanami tried to react only to be struck by the muscle pain causing Tomoe to be disappointed about how weak Nanami is. Then Otohiko appeared which shocked Nanami.

Otohiko explained that he actually came to notice Nanami of the incoming Gods' meeting at Izumo. He said that there was another human god in Kyoto that Nanami would compete with to see who is more suitable to go to the meeting. Nanami immediately rejected but when Otohiko said that there may be gods who know of Mikage's location Nanami agreed.

When they were at school, Kayako Hiiragi was infront of the school. While Nanami was lying on the infirmary bed as she had her skin inflamed, Kayako appeared beside Nanami and scared her by giving her an illusion of her hand turning into snakes. Tomoe appeared and threatened Kayako to leave.

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Kayako appeared gain after meeting with Akura-ou who presumed to have told her about familiars. She tried to form a contract with Tomoe by kissing him but failed. Nanami threw her bag at her and declared that she would beat her and go to Izumo.

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