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Kurama was having a flashback of his past where he was left behind by his big brother. His thoughts were interrupted when one of his colleagues went into his office. He quickly hid the fact that he was recounting his past by showing to her a fan letter. His colleagues then invited him to dinner but he turned them off by saying that his fans are his top priority. A letter from Nanami was shown on his table later on.


Tomoe and Nanami were surrounded by children asking about the festival at Mikage Shrine. Tomoe started explaining about the festival but was interrupted by the children asking all sorts of questions. When Tomoe turned away from the questions, the children became reluctant to go to the festival. Then Kurama walked over and offered ice cream to those children who was willing to go to the festival. The kids all agreed and started crowding around the pop star. The three was walking having a small conversation about Nanami's letter when Kurama started suggesting Nanami that she give her Land God's mark to him, only to be punched by Tomoe before he could finish his sentence.

Kurama was hit by a holy barrier which Nanami casted unintentionally surrounding the shrine. Nanami offered to give Kurama a rest at the shrine when the two shrine spirits, Onikiri and Kotetsu, informed Nanami that there were guests waiting for her in the shrine. The Dragon King, Ryuo Sukuna, and the Priestess of the Lake, Numano Himemiko, were arguing. Nanami had called the two for their help to prepare for the festival. Nanami started discussing about the festival with the other people. All of them started giving ridiculous and impossible suggestions making Nanami sigh. Kurama started giving serious and good suggestions. When those two were working on the suggestions, Tomoe began taking occasional glances and them, hinting that he may have been jealous.

Nanami found multiple pieces of crumbled up flyers of the shrine festival in the trash bin, making her slightly dejected. After that, Tomoe and Nanami bid their goodbyes to Kurama before going back to their shrine.

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