Ch. 020

When I realize it, I have always been thinking about Tomoe

Ch.20 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Kurama calls Tomoe out and tells him he'd overheard his rooftop conversation with Nanami. He tells Tomoe to be careful with his actions and words lest Nanami fall in love with him. However, Tomoe disagrees, refusing to believe Nanami was like the rest of the girls.  Meanwhile, Ami tells Nanami and Kei that since the finals were over, they should go out and eat somewhere. Kei refuses, saying she has a date with her boyfriend. Nanami comments on how nice it would be to have one. Knowing Nanami likes Tomoe; Kei advises that she should try acting cute in order to get him. Going home, Nanami asks Tomoe if they can stop by the aquarium. Nanami acts as enthusiastically as she can. Tomoe is eager to get home but Nanami forces him to stay. Later, Nanami tries to see some baby otters but if blocked by the crowd. Tomoe carries her up. Nanami stumbles and Tomoe takes her hand and leads her out. Nanami takes Tomoe to the top of a tower to look at the night view.  When Nanami comments of the amazing view, Tomoe only tells her she was acting rather strange today. He asks if perhaps she was falling in love with him but immediately decided against it, saying it was only some tengu nonsense. But Nanami asks what he would do if she really was falling in love with him. Tomoe says she's imagining it and grabs her walks around the very edge of the building, telling her to admit it was only her imagination. Nanami refuses to do so and asks if he had never thought she was cute, making him drop her accidentally. Nanami falls, crying from rejection. Tomoe tries to save her but Nanami tells him not to touch her, the Familiar's word bind forcing him to follow. Tomoe begs and promises that he would never touch her again as long as she let him save her this once. She lets him catch her and Nanami can't help but admit she was only falling deeper for him every time.

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