Ikamisama hajimemashita v03 ch16 p001

Ch.16 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Tomoe knows that out of all the white snakes, only one that would be foolish enough to marry a god. Riding the night fog car, Tomoe finds Yonomori's shrine hidden underneath water. Inside, Mizuki tells Nanami of Yonomori's story, how she was born to serve people and when they disappeared, so did she. Mizuki tells Nanami that he believes Yonomori lives on and promises to take care of the shine. Nanami feels sorry that Mizuki was so lonely and she tells him that if Tomoe were that lonely too, she would be sad and that Yonomori might also feel the same way. Mizuki hugs her and tells her stay but Nanami refuses. Mizuki breaks his promise and attempts to do some things to her. She cries for help and Tomoe appears outside. He slashes open the shrine's walls and sets the shrine on fox-fire. Then he hugs Nanami, relieved she was alright. Mizuki puts out the fire and insults Tomoe because of his past as a wild fox whilst he was a divine familiar. However Tomoe tells him that Mizuki was only a ex-divine familiar for the water shrine and it's god rotted a long time ago. Burning in rage for Mizuki to have capture his god, Tomoe again sets fire to the shrine, stronger this time, Mizuki unable to stop it. Two other spirits inform Mizuki that the yard was on fire. He rushes out, relieved the plum blossom tree was still alright. Tomoe realizes that the tree was the only thing Mizuki still depended on and, despite Mizuki's pleas, decides to burn it. Nanami tells him it's enough and stops him. She goes to Mizuki and tells him she's leaving however if he ever felt lonely, she would go and look at the plum blossoms with him. Walking back home, Tomoe sulks, feeling like a clown but Nanami tells him that she only promised that bcause if she disappeared, she didn't want Tomoe to end up like that. Tomoe sees the wound on Nanami's knee and is reminded of Nanami's weakness but Nanami just smiles and holds his hand while Tomoe silently promises himself to try not to break her.

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