Ch.12 of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Nanami cries, feeling useless and hurt at Tomoe 's goodbye. Narukami , meanwhile, urges Tomoe to become her familiar, promising to make a place for him to stay and to return him into his former size. But before she can finish, he disappears, making her angry.

Kurama returns home to find Nanami sitting outside of his house and asks why she was sitting there. But Nanami only says she was waiting and thanks him for letting her stay the past two days, explaining that Tomoe had gone already to Narukami. Kurama gives her his feather as a farewell gift, explaining it can help her see things no ordinary human can see. Immediately, Kotetsu and Onikiri appear beside her, begging her to save the shrine for Tomoe was hiding, making Narukami in a mood that can break down the whole shrine. She runs in order to be able to get on the night fog car. 

Meanwhile, Narukami made her lion-dogs search for Tomoe unsuccessfully. In rage, she threatens to destroy the shrine but Nanami stops her. She bets that if she can find Tomoe, Narukami must turn Tomoe back to normal. She follows the butterfly that was on her shoulder to a room with a little circular mirror. Immediately she feels Tomoe's heat inside and calls him out. Narukami then tells her lion-dogs that she doesn't need familiars that are not loyal to her nor a shrine that is so broken down. She returns the mark and gives the mallet. Using it, Nanami turns Tomoe normal, however he has much longer hair, making Nanami blush. He tells her he owes her one and kisses her in order to reseal the familiar contract.

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