KK Ch.10


Narukami had just taken Mikage's Mark from Nanami . Small Tomoe then hits Narukami's face with a leaf, making her hit him in anger. He faints and Narukami tells him if he wants to return to normal, he must become her familiar. She takes Kotetsu and Onikiri as well, who cannot say no as they were will-o-wisps who belonged to Mikage Shrine.

Afterward, Nanami is homeless once again, only this time with Tomoe. Suddenly, Tomoe faints due to a high fever. Nanami rushes him to the hospital only to stop at the entrance because they could not help him due to him not being human. Kurama spots her but immediately notices she'd lost her mark. Nanami goes to Kurama's house to take care of Tomoe. There Nanami asks if Kurama knows of any doctor that cures monsters. But Kurama tells her that Tomoe did not turn into a child but only his body, so all the monster power he had before was running berserk. The only way for him to be better was for him to return to his original body size. However Kurama gives Tomoe a special but temporary medicine that would help him a while.

Meanwhile, Tomoe dreams of a girl named Yukiji giving him sasamochi a long time ago. Tomoe wakes up and Nanami hugs him in relief. She asks if there was anything he wanted. Tomoe tells her he wanted to eat sasamochi. Immediately Nanami sets to work and soon gives him some. Tomoe says its only so-so but thanks Nanami anyway, making her smile.

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