Chapter 009 of Kamisama Hajimemashita manga.

KK Ch.9


Somewhere up above, Princess Narukami had just heard of Nanami being the new land god. She was surprised as it was unknown to her that Mikage had run away for 20 years and cursed him for stealing Tomoe away from her only to give it to a little human girl. She then plans to go down to test Nanami whether or not she was fit for such title.

Meanwhile, Tomoe hears the successive lighting bolts and knows Narukami is in a fit of rage and approaching the shrine. Nanami, having woken up late, then rushes to school. Tomoe stays behind in the shrine, expecting for Narukami but sending the two will-o-wisps with Nanami for protection. When she arrives, she hears Kurama is absent. Tomoe, still back in the shrine, sees the rain clouds go away and realizes they were heading to Nanami's school. And as Nanami was eating her lunch, Narukami appeared. She puts up a barrier so they can talk in peace. She tells Nanami that she must be very tired being human and having to put up with all of this god's work and offers to take Nanami's mark to set her free but Nanami refuses because there are people like Tomoe and the will-o-wisps who help her think the shrine as her own home. Narukami tells her she can't let her do that. Tomoe appears and tells Narukami to let Nanami go. Expecting something like this, Narukami uses the Lucky Mallet she borrowed to turn Tomoe small. After which, she takes the Mikage's Mark from Nanami, making her a regular human once more.

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