Chapter 007
KK Ch.7
Volume 2
Pages 30
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Chapter 006 Chapter 008


Nanami was bored, watching TV at the shrine. Kotetsu and Onikiri said she should go to school however Nanami replied that it would be hard because all her classmates knew of her family's situation. All of a sudden, the TV relay agent, Uchida, announced that a super famous idol Kurama was now attending Ujigami High School, which so happens to be the school that Nanami attends. Immediately, Nanami changes to go to school but Tomoe stops her, telling her its dangerous due to the Land God Mark on her forehead. Finally, he succumbs but only if Nanami wears the pink fox-ear hood adorned with a flower to cover her forehead. At school, she learns Kurama is in her class from Isobe. But when Kurama comes in, she is rudely kicked out of her seat by him. She runs to the bathroom, crying, and Tomoe appears, telling her she has no more reason to stay. But Nanami only asks him why he could be laughing when she was crying then tells him he doesn't care about her at all. When Nanami walks out, Kurama is there. He asks her if she was crying and that he was sorry he was so rude, explaining he'd been in a bad mood because everyone kept staring at him. But Nanami stomps away, not liking Kurama's attitude. She regrets going to school but didn't want to go back to the shrine to see Tomoe's grinning face. During lunch she realizes she had forgotten her lunch and goes to buy bread. When Isobe asks mockingly whether  or not she even has the money for that, she feels around her pocket finding three thousand yen, shocking Isobe. Just then, Kurama says aloud that he had just lost three of his thousand yen bills and they immediately suspect Nanami for stealing the money. But Kurama covers up by saying that he'd given it to her and he just forgot. Suddenly Tomoe appears bringing scrumptious carts of food for Nanami and adding that whomever speaks badly of her or acts badly to her, will not be forgiven. After which, he tells Kurama that the three-thousand yen he'd lost seems to be under his chair. Kurama looks at it surprised, remembering quite well putting into Nanami's pocket the three thousand yen. Then Tomoe asks the school body to take care of Nanami for she is the precious master, making Nanami feel that in the entire world, the only person who might care for her was Tomoe.

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