Japanese 牡丹丸
Gender Male
Species Tengu Yokai
Birthday June 28
Home Kurama Mountain
Anime Episode 6 (Season 2)
Manga Chapter 51
Voice Actor
Japanese Saitou Ayaka

Botanmaru (牡丹丸) is a seven year old tengu from Kurama Mountain who, like Kurama, was often and severely beaten by Jirou due to his inability to fly. He looked up to Kurama since he had suffered the same ordeals yet remained strong and refused to cry, unlike Botanmaru himself.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Botanmaru is a hopeful little tengu, determined and stubborn, and he strives to be strong like Kurama. 

Plot Overview Edit

Nanami had accidentally stepped on top of him on her way to school as he listened to the Earth's voice. He had left Kurama mountain in search for Shinjirou by flying on Suirou's crows, to tell him to return to the mountain and take a stand as the fourth chief, as the past third chief was under an illness no one had been able to cure, instead of Jirou, whom all other tengu opposed but were forced to follow. Kurama refused at first but after seeing the whip marks on Botanmaru's arm, he finally decided to go.

When Nanami found of his decision, she also chose to go as well, therefore bringing along Tomoe. Tomoe then showed Botanmaru the Peach Pills from the Peach God said to cure any sickness, most probably including Soujoubou's.

After they had reached Suirou's place, Suirou claims that even though the pills may cure Soujoubou, it would simply not be possible to deliver it to him. When Kurama decides to do a break in, dressing up as land god and having a land-god proxy seal on him (by Nanami), Botanmaru tags along to help Nanami find where Soujoubou is kept while Tomoe and Kurama keep Jirou distracted.

Together with Nanami they rescue Soujoubou, find of Yatori's deception, and Jirou makes a turn for the better. After Jirou is elected fourth chief, they dine under the newly blossoming Thousand Year Old Sakura.

Relationships Edit

Kurama ShinjirouEdit

Botanmaru admire Kurama and looks up to him.

Nanami MomozonoEdit

Botamaru looks up to Nanami and thinks of as a elder sister that cares about him.

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