Japanese 青竹
Gender Male
Species Yokai
Height 170 cm
Occupation Familiar
Home Tatara Numa
Anime Episode 3
Manga Chapter 004
Voice Actor
Japanese Hidekazu Ichinose
English Mike McFarland

Aotake (青竹) is Numano Himemiko's familiar.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Aotake is a hot-headed and impulsive person. However, he respects Himemiko a lot and is easily angered at those who insult her.

Plot Overview Edit

Relationship Edit

Numano Himemiko Edit

Himemiko is his master and someone whom he respects greatly.

Tomoe Edit

Aotake is well aware of Tomoe's past and judged him by so. He was angered when Tomoe insulted Himemiko and; consequently, he insulted Nanami, this time angering Tomoe, who turned Aotake into a fish using his leaves


Trivia Edit

  • Aotake literally means 'green bamboo'.

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