Ami Nekota
Japanese あみ 猫田
Gender Female
Age 17
Species Human
Birthday September 14
Height 155 cm (5'1")
Occupation High School Student
Status Alive
Anime Episode 2
Manga Chapter 017
Voice Actor
Japanese Satomi Satou
English Alexis Tipton
Love Interest Kurama Shinjirou

Ami Nekota (あみ 猫田) is the first friend that Nanami made at her new school.

Appearance Edit

In both the anime and manga, Ami is described as small girl who is short for her age. She has chin length orange/red hair that end in massive permed curls above her shoulders. She has light brown eyes with a dark brown iris.

Ami wears her school uniforms at school, but going out with her friends that she is seen wearing casual and cute clothing.

Personality Edit

Ami is a naive, but bubbly and gentle girl that enjoys spending time with her friends. She cares about her friends and most times that she is able to notice when her friends seem sad or are out of it.

Plot Overview Edit

Originally, Ami thought Nanami to be a little strange, because of the strange occurrences that constantly happened around her (due to her being the Earth Deity).

After Tomoe who was disguised as Nanami saved Ami from a demon, she began to hang around with Nanami, and became her official friend when Nanami helped Ami talk with Kurama, whom Ami had a crush on at the time.

She made a promise not to tell anyone about all of the strange things happening to Nanami. However, due to this, Ami believes that Nanami is a miko.

Relationships Edit

Ami and her friends at the beach

Ami and her friends at the beach

Kei UeshimaEdit

Ami and Kei have been best friends since before they ever had meet Nanami.

Nanami MomozonoEdit

Ami is close friends with Nanami, and respects her. She does not know of her being and earth deity, but has noticed the strange occurrences that go on around Nanami. They first met when Ami picked up the student record book and gave it to Nanami, who is the student representative. 

Kurama ShinjirouEdit

Ami is shown to have a crush on the pop star Kurama, who is very popular with girls, and therefore dismisses Ami as a fan-girl. However after he saves Ami from a demon in the girl's locker room, that he seems to have warmed up towards her slightly.

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